Marcella Peluffo llustrator, visual designer.
I live and work in Milan, where I worked as an art director in advertising agencies for 10 years. Then I founded with other partners the Container Studio: visual creativity in co-working, on 2001, dealing with illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, web design. I prefer the gestures of the sign in all its forms, from realistic drawing to its abstract synthesis, to the hand lettering. I like to use different techniques according to the project of which I work, so I use very different styles. I publish my work in publishing and advertising, both in Italy and abroad. My works have won awards by the Italian Association of Illustrators and the Italian and European Art Directors Club. I am an illustration professor to the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa. I also organize different levels of illustration workshops in Milan.

Vivo e lavoro a Milano. Diplomata in pittura all’Accademia di Belle Arti, sono co-fondatrice dello Studio Container, specializzato in illustrazione, paper-art, visual design, web, 3d. Dieci anni di esperienza come Art Director in BBDO e McCann mi hanno insegnato ad essere versatile e in grado di seguire progetti a 360° in diversi ambiti creativi legati alla comunicazione. Lavoro in pubblicità ed editoria per clienti italiani e internazionali e produco Wool-Paintings nell’ambito dell’interior design.
Sono docente di Illustrazione all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Genova. Organizzo workshop creativi in Italia. In questi anni ho avuto riconoscimenti dall’Associazione Italiana Illustratori e dall’Art Directors Club Italiano ed Europeo.




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